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suddenly, his life had meaning.

Good weekend. Pretty much covers it. ;)

No school Friday! Sweet! Work was over at 7! Sweet again! Then I went to Olivia's to spend the night. We had Pizza Hut and watched 'Baby Mama'. Beautiful!

Saturday morning I had to go to Orientation. (3/4) I thought I was going to be late so I rushed. I ended up being 10 minutes early. Typical. After orientation, I traveled with Olivia's family to Troy to watch the football game, which we won. The score was 65-0! (Alabama also won their game! 41-7) I also had funnel cake and it was great.

Then I slept in the dorm and had to shower in the public shower. Ew! But it ended up being okay. Hannah and I had Taco Bell after the game. Yum, chalupas!

Sunday I woke at 6 in the morning with a stomach ache! Ugh. Around 9:30, we left for Dothan.

Around five, I went to hang out with Elsy, who moved to England three years ago so I hadn't seen her. It was just like old times and so much fun! We ended up coming to my house and watching old home movies with my mom. (I was such an adorable two year old!)

1:37 in the morning.... about to die.... Bye!
Tags: real life - travel

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