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i'd swim the ocean for you

Song: Now That We're Done
Artist: Metro Station
Fandom: The O.C.
Pairing: SandyJulie (yes. you read right.)
Length : 2:26

au : sandy and julie were together. julie wanted out and broke sandy's heart in the process. now she regrets it but it seems too late because they have already said hurtful things that they can't take back.

HERE at unenamour 

Zomg! Jandy is the best! So much better than Kandy!

(I feel bad for telling you my plans for new videos and then actually making one from left field. It's just what I was inspired to do, I suppose. Anyways, enjoy! The border is unintentionally green and I am a little upset about it.)
Tags: - videos, music - metro station, ship - sandy/julie, tv - the o.c.

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